Rules, Bylaws, and organizational material

Rules, Bylaws, Organizational and Annual Report


Western MI Fair Annual Report – 2022 (click to view PDF file)

Western Mi Fair Bylaws – Approved 2017 (click to view PDF file)

Western Mi Fair Rules – Approved 4/2019 (click to view PDF file)

WMFA Director Materials Policies and Procedures (Director Access Only)

2021 WMFA Committees and Superintendents listed below

2021 WMFA Committees

1. Executive Committee President 1st Vice President 2nd Vice President Secretary Treasurer Executive Director Executive Director
President & Vice President shall be included on all committees John Lammi Open John Cregg Sheri Howe Linda Hackert Rod Baker Angel Austin
Committee Chair Committee Members
2. Finance & Insurance Linda Hackert Sheri Howe Ashley Jabrocki Angel Austin
3. Building & Grounds John Cregg Mary Cregg John Shoop Rod Baker Dennis Cregg
4. Traffic & Parking Brandon Quillan John Shoop
5. Safety, Security, Evacuation Brandon Quillan Andy Quillan
6. Equestrian Events/Shoreline Marcia Hansen John Cregg Rod Baker Mary Cregg Sheri Howe Angel Austin
7. Rental Committee Linda Hackert John Cregg John Shoop
Fair Committees
8. Publicity & Sponsorships John Lammi Linda Hackert
9. Entertainment Andy Quillan Sheri Howe Angel Austin Brandon Quillan Ashley Jabrocki
10. Exhibitor Administration Mary Cregg Ashley Jabrocki Linda Hackert Angel Austin
11. Camping (Fair & Non Fair) Sheri Howe Andy Quillan Brett Saxton Rod Baker
12. Livestock Auction Ashley Jabrocki Sheri Howe Angel Austin Brandon Quillan
Relationship Liaisons
MSUE – Fair Board Ashley Jabrocki
Employees – Fair Board Linda Hackert Sheri Howe
Media Communications John Lammi Marcia Hansen

2021 Fair Exhibit Superintendents

Exhibit Superintendents / Liaisons Superintendent Secretary Assistants
Commercial Exhibits Paddy Baker
Craft Building Ashley Jabrocki Sue Cheney
Domestic Arts & Homemaker John Furhman Darlene Furhman
Farm Crops/Antiques Tom Story
Floriculture Linda Hackert
Horses Sheri Howe Angel Austin
Beef/Sheep/Swine/Dairy John Cregg Jolene Babbin Brandon Quillan John Shoop Andy Quillan Dennis Cregg
Rabbits/Poultry/Dogs/Goats Brandon Quillan Andy Quillan
Harness Racing Ken Ferwerda John Cregg
Fair Office Linda Hackert
People Mover Carts – Fair Week moved to parking