Electronic Sign

Electronic Sign

Western Michigan Fair Association
Electronic Sign Guidelines

1. Messages or displays are to provide notice of a local event that provides a significant benefit
to the entire community, including but not limited to an economic benefit to the community as a
result of holding the event.

2. It is not the intent of the Western Michigan Fair Association to create a forum for displays
that are primarily for the purpose of advocating particular political, religious or other points of
view, candidate for office, or advertising a product or service are not permitted. The sponsor of
an event may be identified in the message or display to assist in identifying the event.

3. No message or display shall be allowed that in the opinion of the fair board of directors
contains any offensive material.

4. No message or display shall be allowed that would be objected to by the Michigan Department of

5. The fee to display a message on the Western Michigan Fair Association’s electronic digital sign
will be $50.00 and the message will be displayed for 7 days. Messages are posted on a first come
first serve basis and must be reserved and paid for 4 weeks or more in advance.

6. The Western Michigan Fair Association will only display messages or announcements for events
taking place within Mason County.

7. Announcements are non-transferable or negotiable and must apply directly to the business
applying for an announcement.

8. Non-fee based events or public service events that do not derive a monetary profit for any
organization or group, must be approved by the Western Michigan Fair board of directors before
being posted on the sign.

9. The Western Michigan Fair Association reserves the right to deny any request.

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