Fair Week Contests

2021 Season

The Stampede

The Stampede 5K run/walk

In Memory of Leanna Wolf Geers

Race Day – Saturday August 10th

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Barn Brawl

Mason County Central Wrestling Club and the Western Michigan Fair Association
Barn Brawl

Saturday August 10th 9 A.M.

Located in the Show/Sale Barn

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Homemaker of the Year

This competition is for our Domestic Arts, Farm Crops, and Floriculture Exhibitors. These exhibitors must enter an item in at least seven different categories to be considered for HOMEMAKER OF THE YEAR. The Homemaker of the Year is a great honor that showcases the contestants skills and talents in area’s that are becoming a lost art in todays technological world. Make sure to check out the different buildings that showcase all of our exhibitors entries. If you are interested in entering items in these categories please refer to our premium book.

Hay Toss

Saturday August 14th 3:00pm – Hay Bale Toss
Beef & Dairy Show Ring – free to fairgoers
Sponsored by Farm Bureau

Pedal Pull

Wednesday August 11th 5 P.M.

Located in the Show/Sale barn